• Superbly well crafted handknit Aran sweater
  • Richly adorned with traditional Aran patterns
  • This is one of our single unique handknit pieces
  • Handknit from 100% Aran wool
  • Handknit in Ireland
  • Colour: Charcoal brown
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Sweater has label explaining and illustrating the Aran patterns.

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Superbly well crafted  handknit Aran sweater. The ornate Aran honeycomb centre stitch, enhanced by traditional diamond, cable and Irish moss stitch combined, make a beautiful piece of art wear. This is one of our single unique handknit pieces.

Aran patterns

Honeycomb: Representing the hard work of the Aran Islanders. 

Diamond: Success and wealth for a bountiful catch.

Cable: Fisherman’s rope – Safety and good luck when out on high seas.

Irish moss stitch: Carrageen moss harvested at low tide on Aran Islands shores.

Colour: Charcoal brown

Size : Small, Medium, Large

Made from 100% Aran wool.

Handknit in Ireland.

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