• Elegant well crafted handknit Aran jacket
  • Richly adorned with traditional Aran patterns
  • One of unique piece off art wear
  • Handknit from 100% Aran wool
  • Handknit in lreland
  • Colour : Blue tweed
  • Size : Medium
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Stunning handknit buttoned Aran jacket with pockets. Richly ornate Aran honeycomb, enhanced by traditional diamond, cable and lrish moss stitch patterns. A beautiful one of piece off art wear.

Aran Patterns

Honeycomb : Representing the hard work of the Aran islanders

Diamond : Success and wealth for bountiful catch

Cable : Fisherman’s rope – safety and good luck when out on high seas

Irish moss stitch : Carrageen moss harvested at low tide on Aran Islands shores

Handknit from 100% Aran wool

Handknit in Ireland